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From your own living room to a big outdoor stage, Lancashire Belle offers a wide range of shows, concerts and performances featuring classic 1940s material.


Jane always wears authentic 1940s dress - and also has a WAAF uniform, if required.  


No matter who you are or what your plans involve, we're here to help you secure Lancashire Belle for your event or celebration. Contact us today.

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Lancashire Belle is managed by Reach inc, 641 Chorley Old Road, Bolton, Lancashire BL1 6BJ

Telephone: 07530 387271              Email: [email protected]               Facebook: lancashirebelle

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Lytham 1940s Promo Day

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Counting from today, it's two weeks until Lytham 1940s gets underway - but ahead of the main event, Jane is in the town centre helping to promote it. She is joined by Lilli de Carlo, the pair of them taking it in turns to keep shoppers and visitors entertained with  a fabulous selection of 1940s songs. It all takes place in Clifton Square, a pedestrianised area with numerous cafes and lots of outdoor seating - and you can catch it from 2.00pm through to 4.00pm. There will also be one or two military vehicles in attendance to set the scene. Both Jane and Lilly are part of the bigger line-up of acts at Lytham 1940s, which takes place across the weekend of August 16th-18th and shouldn't be missed.

Follow Jane at the event

Saturday 3rd August 2019

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Lytham Town Centre

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