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603 Squadron, Elsham Wolds

Picture: Toad Lane, Rochdale

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Lancashire Belle is managed by Reach inc, 641 Chorley Old Road, Bolton, Lancashire BL1 6BJ

Telephone: 07530 387271              Email: info@lancashirebelle.co.uk               Facebook: lancashirebelle

Image credits: Gerry Gentry, Simon Cliff, Don Oliver, Digimark Photography

Shows & Occasions

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Lancashire Belle offers both a bespoke set of 1940s songs, suitable for private or corporate bookings, and a complete stage show - We'll Meet Again - which can be adapted to suit any venue or occasion. We are always happy to discuss your ideas and what Jane can do for you. Do call us on 07530 387271 for an informal chat.

Lancashire Belle's fabulous one-woman performance encapsulates the spirit of ENSA, the glamour of Hollywood, the romance of the big band dances, and the fortitude of the British people throughout the war - all in one energy-packed show.


Highly adaptable to suit any venue (indoors or outdoors) and any occasion, We'll Meet Again features the music, memories, humour and sophistication of the 1940s - all performed by the supremely talented Lancashire Belle.


Transporting us from the Home Front to the Hollywood Canteen, Lancashire Belle takes us on a trip down memory lane, performing classic songs from iconic figures such as Vera Lynn, Gracie Fields, Anne Shelton, the Andrew Sisters, Al Jolson, Fred Astaire & Glenn Miller.


Add in the songs that kept up the nation's spirit during the dark days of World War Two,  sprinkle it with a touch of humour, and We'll Meet Again will engage and entertain any audience, young or old - and with a stunning vocal performance each and every time.

We'll Meet Again

Lancashire Belle - 1940s Singer & Entertainer