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Park Life

Truth be known, I’d like to get more hotel bookings. My extensive repertoire, covering as it does every era of popular music, is ideally suited to late evening cabaret. The guests are usually my preferred demographic – and I tend to suit an older clientele.

One hotel I enjoy going to a number of times each year is the Clifton Park in Lytham St Annes. With their own PA system, which we can ‘patch’ into, it’s also a bonus that we don’t have a lot of setting up to do. All the same, we still arrived early. This week was a 1940s themed break, the first of three across the summer. The next is in July, when I am doing two nights for them. The final one is in August, at the same time as Lytham 1940s Weekend, when I will be at Clifton Park on the Sunday evening.

What I also like about Clifton Park is that it boasts a really nice dance floor, and spotlights. And so, with a good audience waiting expectantly, and the lights dimmed, I began a 90-minute long show, which I did without a break and stayed with the 1940s all the way through. As a professional performer, you soon learn that taking a break can (but not always) see half your audience disappearing off to bed. Happily, the guests here all stayed and properly engaged with my 1940s material and chit-chat. I always have the option to switch to the 1950s or 1960s, and later still, if I think it would go down better. No need this evening, though. They were a great audience, including a few familiar faces, and before I knew it, Dave at the sound desk was giving me the subtle gesture that I had reached my last number. Or two really, as I always announce that I couldn’t possible leave them with a certain Vera Lynn classic. I’ll leave you to work out which one. It’s really not too difficult a guess!

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